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Issue #141 June 1, 2019


The G-ZINE — the Germany Magazine — provides you with news, updates and happenings in and around Germany. While saving you valuable time, this e-zine prepares you and sets you up for an unforgettable Germany experience.

June 2019 Topics

In this issue . . .

  1. Must-See And -Do Events
  2. German Phrase
  3. German Quote
  4. Trip Tip
  5. Good To Know
  6. Next G-ZINE's Preview


From Marcus' Travel Desk...

Honestly, I don't have it in me this month to jabber on long-winded in this part of the G-ZINE. Why? Simple. It's just so beautiful this time of year in Germany—I'd much rather be outside doing something amazing.

Perhaps this is why the Good To Know is all about some themed hiking routes. Yea, I know, it's not like me to just dive right in to the Good To Know; often I'm at a loss to think what might actually be good to know.

That said, I have no doubt in my mind that any minute being outdoors in June in Germany is a blessing. I also know there are a number of mightily fine festivals throughout the country this time of year. So grab your friends, family, and some Euro to experience everything from Franconian Beer to medieval inspired trinkets.

Let's not forget about Berlin's annual Carnival of Cultures—where folks from arount the world are celebrating in the streets. Come for the music. Come for the parade. Just come, no matter what reason you choose.

What else? Oh yes, the Trip Tip. This issue's choice is Bad Iburg, a lovely town in Lower Saxony that can be as relaxing or active as you choose. My personal favorite part of town is the thousand year old castle. No doubt some of you might be inclined to agree with me.

All that's left is to mention the German Quote of the Month—this time by the theoretical physicist, Max Planck. To be completely frank, I have no idea what a theoretical physicist is, or does, but I'm fully aware Planck won himself a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918. Planck was also a contemporary of Einstein and friend of Otto Hahn, by the way. He died just shy of his 90th birthday in the City of Kiel in 1947.

Ooh, I'm glad I mentioned Kiel—because June hosts the annual sailing extravaganza known as Kieler Woche (Kiel Week). Hope to see you there, because, you know, I'd much rather be outside. ;-)


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Must-See And -Do Events

Carnival of Cultures

Berlin is a cosmopolitan city, and during its Carnival of Cultures event you're getting the best of it. Come celebrate various cultures and ethnicities with everything from live music to acrobats and cultural cuisine. Even better that it's all a family friendly affair that anyone of any age can enjoy themselves for four glorious days here in the capital.

Luther's Hochzeit (Luther's Wedding)

Who doesn't enjoy a good love story like Rhett and Scarlet, Morticia and Gomez, and here in Wittenberg you got Luther and Katherina. This is a love story that spans centuries, and you're more than able to enjoy the festivities while getting into the Renaissance spirit with its music, food, and of course beer. Come join tens of thousands of wedding "crashers," you'll really be glad you did.

Krämerbrückenfest (Merchant's Bridge Festival)

Here at the Krämerbrückenfest, you're able to enjoy everything of the Middle Ages with modern conveniences. Erfurt's a charming town on a regular day, and when you add in this festival you'll truly appreciate its significance. Take a guided tour, eat some delicious local cuisine, and get into the spirit of enjoying the "longest series of inhabited buildings on a bridge in all of Europe."

Fränkisches Bierfest (Franconian Beer Festival)

While beer might be the highlight of this festival, you'll certainly enjoy yourself with other activities, too. The music will set the right mood, the regional cuisine will delight, and the scenery of the surrounding Burg makes a grand view as you're sampling the libations from over three dozen breweries. And would you believe there's even an area for kids? Wow, a beer festival that's family friendly. Only in Germany, huh? ;-)

Kieler Woche (Kiel Week)

  • June 22nd-30th
  • Kiel

Kiel is a city that knows how to kick off a posh festival. How? By bringing on a parade of stunning ships followed by a parade of naval vessels. And that's not even the half of it—you've got three million of your newest friends coming to watch all things nautical, to eat, to learn, and to compete. The city's been at it for almost a century-and-a-half, so they've had plenty of time to do it right. There's something for everyone, so no excuses not to make your way here this June.

Dresden Music Festival

Choirs and orchestras, soloists and ensembles all meet in the glorious city of Dresden for a music festival so grand it can't be contained to just one month. You'll find events held in venues like the Annenkirche, the Neue Synagogue, and Schloss Pillnitz for musical programs that'll delight the senses beyond your ears. This year's theme is Visions, and offers music in celebration of Germany's Bauhaus Centennial.

Picasso: The Late Work

For those who love modern art, Potsdam is showing the later works of none other than the famous Picasso—whose later works include many portraits of his wife, Jacqueline. The Museum Barberini is showing many of these works within Germany for the first time ever, so here's your chance to see some of these rarely seen 20th century pieces.

Classic Open Air

The love of culture and the outdoors have blended harmoniously here at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. You've got everything from Italian Opera to Jazz, Boogie music to the Symphony. Even better with a fireworks display on its opening night. This wonderful outdoor event is still going strong more than a quarter century—and its popularity continues to grow. (Ssshh... That's a nice way of telling you better get your tickets sooner rather than later. ;-)


There's not much time left to see the special Saxon exhibition at the Landesmuseum in Hanover. The Saxons' history spans back centuries—and Otto I was himself a Saxon. While parts of the Middle Ages were the Dark Ages, the Germanic Tribe, known as the Saxons, had art and jewelry that are nothing short of stunning. Just note that the museum is closed on Mondays.


German Phrase of the Month

  • English: I'm totally underpaid./The salary is really good.
  • German: Ich bin total unterbezahlt./Das Gehalt ist wirklich gut.
  • Pronounce: Ihk bin tow-tawl ountair-bay-tsawlht./Daz gay-hawlt east virhk-lihk goot.


German Quote of the Month

"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve."

—Max Planck


Trip Tip

One thing's for sure, Bad Iburg knows how to show its visitors a good time. And, as I said in the beginning, it's a place where it's all up to you if you want a relaxing visit, or if you want to busy as a bee.

In all fairness, it's probably best to blend it a bit. Give yourself time to hike the idyllic routes through the Lower Saxon countryside. What's not to love about hiking themed routes like the Ahornweg (40km) or a piece of the Hermannsweg?

By the way, the 156km Hermannsweg isn't the only scenic route to wind its way here. There's also the 115km Peace Route, highlighting the history of the peace made after the Thirty Years' War. There's also the 100-Schlossroute biking trail that meets up in Bad Iburg.

For me, nothing beats meandering around a medieval castle, and luckily Bad Iburg has one. Schloss Iburg dates back almost a millennia, but it's claim to fame (so to speak) is its stunningly beautiful 17th century Knights Hall. Oh, and the fact the first Queen of Prussia was born within its walls.

Architectural enthusiasts will no doubt appreciate the half-timbered houses found within Bad Iburg's districts, and let's not forget to mention the early 13th century Church of St. Nicholas.

Inasmuch as I love dusty old buildings as the next person, I'm a lover of German cultural events. Believe it or no, Bad Iburg's Weekly Market (Wednesdays 2pm-6pm) are part of its culture and charm—but there's also events like the Classic Car Days in June, Kneipp Weekend in May, and the first weekend of Advent brings on the Christmas Events at the Schloss. Lastly, a much anticipated event is the 3-day Glanermarkt every August.

If any of this entices you, come to this amazing Hanseatic League City for a perfectly blended vacation of history, culture, and activity. Just be sure to head to the local Tourist Office. They'll be helpful in sending you off to see the very best of Bad Iburg.


Good To Know

Beautiful summer days spent outdoors are probably one of the best times anyone can experience, and it's an even grander affair if you're doing it in here in Germany. In my not so humble opinion, I think this is probably the best seasons to try (even if only a fraction) one of the country's outstanding scenic hiking routes.

Whether you're in the north or south, east or west, you're sure to find a hiking route to suit your fitness level, your hankering for something cultural, or your culinary cravings. Of course, this is only the second installment of Germany's Hiking Routes, but there's plenty more than the ones I'm about to mention.

One of the prettiest is probably the Baltic Seas Coast Hiking Trail (E9), taking you 400km from Lübeck to Ahlbeck. While it might take you a good fortnight to travel the entire route—consider it a blessing as you spend time in places like Wismar, Stralsund (another G-ZINE Trip Tip town), Usedom, and Warnermünde.

Just keep in mind a good portion of this route isn't well marked. But I figure if you get wet from the Baltic Sea water—you've probably gone too far. Just kidding, in all seriousness, this is Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, so you're bound to see stunningly beautiful scenery even if you get a little off track.

The next hiking route isn't anywhere near as long as the Baltic Sea Coast Trail, but it's considered a medium difficulty trail. That said, any and all castles you see on the Werra Castle Trail would be worth it.

This route can be experienced year-round, and while you might not see it now, if you did it in winter, don't be surprised to see some snow along its 46 kilometers that starts in Witzenhausen and ending in Hildebrandshausen (part of Südeichsfeld).

Didn't I read somewhere you could technically do this entire route in less than 14 hours? But c'mon, do I really need to tell you to take time to smell the roses?

A leisurely pace is good for the Edersee Forest Walk, a 68km route that's done in either three or six stages. It's a circular route starting and ending in Waldeck, going through the Kellewald-Edersee National Park.

Not much of this route is paved, barely 10-percent, and three-quarters of it is "natural land." Don't worry if you're feet hurt after a bit, there's a Kneipp area to help you rest up. Ohh, and I (almost) forgot to mention the cable car ride.

The last of this G-ZINE's hiking routes is the Rothaarsteig, 154 kilometers running through the Sauerland-Siegerland. All the hiking action starts in Brilon, ending in Dillenburg along trails that are almost half on the natural terra firma.

One of the best towns on the route is Winterberg, a charming place of half-timbered buildings—not to mention it's a winter wonderland for snow enthusiasts wanting to ski and whatnot.

Not for me, thanks. Can't think of winter these days. You'll probably find me indoors with a steamy cup of coffee. For now, though, I'll be out and about finding new hiking routes that are Good To Know. ;-)


Next G-ZINE's Preview

Short 'n sweet, here's what's coming up next in Germany — a preview of the next G-ZINE:

  • Joy With Wagner
  • Freiburg Wine Is Fine
  • Time To Love Lübeck


Published by Marcus Hochstadt

Ortsstr. 52
76891 Rumbach, Germany

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