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Issue #143 August 5, 2019


The G-ZINE — the Germany Magazine — provides you with news, updates and happenings in and around Germany. While saving you valuable time, this e-zine prepares you and sets you up for an unforgettable Germany experience.

August 2019 Topics

In this issue . . .

  1. Must-See And -Do Events
  2. German Phrase
  3. German Quote
  4. Trip Tip
  5. Good To Know
  6. Next G-ZINE's Preview


From Marcus' Travel Desk...

I don't know whether to be excited or sad. You see, August is the last full month of Summer here in Germany. And late summer nights are grand for a stroll along half-timbered lined streets, walks along promenades in beach towns, or sipping coffee in a quiet green park somewhere.

But, I also l-o-v-e the Autumn, so I'm giddy with excitement when it makes its grand entrance every year. Until then I'll have to keep myself busy with some pretty awesome events this month. Although I'm not sure if I'll ever handle events like the incredibly popular Wacken Festival.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not poking fun of those who like the Death Metal noise (I mean music) from bands with names like Cradle of Filth—no, no, I just prefer quieter events like the Long Night of Museums in Berlin.

For those who prefer to imbibe, come to Rothenburg for its Wine Festival, or to Frankfurt for its Apple Wine Festival.

What else? What else? Oh yes, the Good To Know. This issue's Good To Know segment is about Germany's thriving Gay Scene. There was a lot to learn, and there's most certainly a lot to experience throughout the country if you so choose.

As for the German Quote of the Month, that's from Max Müller. He was a guy born in Dessau back in 1823, and goes on to become a founder of Indian Studies in the academia world in places like Britain.

He was also said to have learned quite a bunch of languages other than German and English, including Greek, Latin, and even Persian.

Now I feel like a total slacker; some days I can barely manage to string a few coherent sentences together. ;-)

All that's left for me to mention is the Trip Tip. So this time we're headed north to the Schleswig-Holstein town of Plön, sitting ever so pretty on the shore of Große Plöner See (Great Lake Plön). While most folks know Plön for its marvelous castle, you'll find pretty hiking trails and idyllic cycling paths here, too.

You'll also find I'm gonna let you get to reading the rest of the G-ZINE while I anxiously await the arrival of Fall.


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Must-See And -Do Events

Apfelweinfest (Apple Wine Festival)

Apfelwein, or Apple Wine, is the star of the show here in Frankfurt for the annual Apple Wine Festival. But you'll also find an abundance of local culinary delights, along with plenty of music to keep you entertained. The event is held at the Roßmarkt, which is easily reached by the S-Bahn and U-Bahn (i.e., subway/Metro); probably a better choice than driving (although parking nearby is available). Be sure to buy yourself one of the traditional Apfelwein jugs, and try an Apple Wine cocktail.

Weindorf (Wine Village)

Can you think of anything better than sipping a fine Franconian wine in the shadow of a stunning church in a medieval town? Don't know? Well, come find out over here in Rothenburg for its annual Weindorf. Don't know anything about wine? It's ok, you're bound to find one you like, as well as scrumptious local dishes to pair alongside.

Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night Of the Museums)

The Lange Nacht der Museen, or Long Night of Museums, is an unusual way of exploring around for those who may think of museums as dusty old buildings filled with dusty old stuff. There's something magical about wandering around medieval art, modern art, and whatnot in the late night hours—right up to 2am. Shuttle buses (free if you buy the Savers Ticket) can take you around to visit the best Berlin has to offer on this family-friendly event.

Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt (Dürkheim Sausage Market)

By its name you'd think the Wurstmarkt in Bad Dürkheim is just about the sausage. But, oh no, my friends, this goes well beyond encased meat. The market is part food, part wine, part musical, part amusement rides, added to more than a smattering of history (like some 600+ years of it). More than a half-million people coming every year can't be wrong, can they? Nope, they're all coming to take in the flavors of more than the delicious meaty snack—they're coming to experiencing the largest wine festival worldwide!

Hamburger DOM

The Hamburg DOM is no ordinary festival. Oh no, this is a month full of gorging yourself of currywurst and schmalzkuchen; a chance to thrill yourself on some new amusement rides, and all the family friendly entertainment you can handle. Remember, entry is free but if you wanna save yourself some cash, Family Days are Wednesdays. The Hamburger DOM is touted as the largest festival of its kind in Northern Germany—and it's a party the likes you'll never forget.


German Phrase of the Month

  • English: Could you call me/us a cab?
  • German: Können Sie mir/uns ein Taxi rufen?
  • Pronounce: Coun-en zee meer/ughns ain takh-zee rouuh-fehn?


German Quote of the Month

"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love."

—Max Müller


Trip Tip

Honestly, I'm too tired today. It's been a whirlwind week, and it looks like there's no rest for the wicked—because it's on to the Schleswig-Holstein town of Plön. And guess what? It's not only its 17th century castle that makes this town incredibly Trip Tip worthy.

Don't get me wrong, the castle does help; and it is the town's landmark after all. But, Plön, which sits along the Große Plöner See (Great Lake Plön), is nestled ever so nicely in the Holstein Switzerland Nature Park area.

Sweet. Nature and history all in one place? Count me in. The hardest part is deciding how to see it. Canoe tour? Hot air balloon ride? Horse and carriage? Bicycle? Hiking scenic route?

FYI, there are over two dozen hiking routes in & around Plön's region in the Holsteinische Schweiz, so you're bound to find one you like. And, Plön lies along the Mönchsweg bicycle scenic route.

How about all of the above? And if you get hungry along the way, Plön is perfect for locally grown cuisine of strawberries, raspberries, asparagus, cheese, and even ice cream.

Eating your way around town is a good way to enjoy it, don't you think? Museum lovers will appreciate the District Museum, and the Planet Walk is a chance to explore our solar system without ever having to leave Earth.

Leave Earth? I don't even want to get out of my chair right now. But I must if I want to enjoy events around Plön like the City Bay Festival held in August. Perhaps you'll like the concerts held at the Harbor, or the Schlossgarten picnics, or the lakeside Jazz events. Yes?

Didn't I tell you there was no rest for the wicked?

Wait... I take that back. There is rest if you consider lounging around the lake side with a fishing pole (fishing license required), meandering around bird watching, enjoying a locally made beer on a bright sunny day, or snapping photos of the view from the 20-meter high Parnaßturm (Parnass Tower, open April-October).

Although you will have to wait for the sun to go down if you want to enjoy a torchlight city tour, OK? When the sun goes down it's time to rest my weary head before moving off to find another Trip Tip worthy town like Plön.ön


Good To Know

There are two things I try not to do here on the pages of the G-ZINE, or, for that matter: be too mushy romantic, or too political. However, after a conversation on a quiet Saturday morning with a friend (who just so happens to be gay) I felt writing about a Gay Germany for the Good To Know was in order.

While I can't say I will entirely understand the nuances of Germany's Gay Scene as I'm 100% heterosexual, I'll do my best to highlight some of it.

As I mentioned, a conversation with a friend opened up a dialogue about what makes "Gay Travel" (or, in this case, a Gay Germany) different from "ordinary travel." For them, he said, it is about being in a safe place, free to be themselves in a place without judgement or fear.

And in a country like Germany, where being Gay only some eight decades ago would have landed you in a Concentration Camp (check out the Gay Memorial dedicated to those persecuted during the Nazi years). So it's good to know that, today, Germany is home to places like the Schwules Museum, or Gay Museum. It opened in Berlin back in 1985, detailing about 200 years of gay history.

Germany's capital is also home to a number of Gay-friendly (and thriving) neighborhoods, like Kreuzberg—where culture and nightlight blend wonderfully. For something a bit trendier, head to the Prenzlauer area, or over to Schöneberg (think Motzstraße for some fun) for a more classical style Gay Scene of bars, restaurants, and shops.

What's even grander about Germany's Gay Scene is it's not limited to only eating and drinking establishments. Berlin has its own women's only Hamam (a Turkish bath), a women's only hotel, and a number of lesbian friendly concerts, cabaret, and theater performances.

I also found it fascinating that Berlin is home to Spinnboden, a library and archive of lesbian history, books, and DVDs. It's also a meeting place for like-minded individuals, hosting lectures, guided singles hikes, and so much more.

One fantastic place is the Lesbenberatung Berlin, or the Berlin Lesbian Consulting Centre. Not only are they helpful on where & what to do, but they're here to help with counseling women from all walks of life.

With Berlin's gay population at over a quarter-million people, you're surely not alone if you want to explore freely. From this perspective, that's certainly not only Good To Know, but Great To Know. :-)


Next G-ZINE's Preview

Short 'n sweet, here's what's coming up next in Germany — a preview of the next G-ZINE:

  • The Rhine Is In Flames
  • Bike Or Hike, No Matter
  • Always Back To Bavaria


Published by Marcus Hochstadt

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